From consulting to quick wins to implementation with Entourage's QuickCheck.


We identify pain points and quick wins.


We define the project goal and develop a project plan.

Perfect fit.

We accompany implementation and roll-out.

Tackle the challenge now.

Entourage Quick Check. The process.

Quick Check Preparation.
  • Query information and data
  • Deep dive into the data
  • Organisation of the kick-off
  • Preparation of the Quick Check
Quick Check Preparation.
Scoping Workshop
Quick Check Part 1.
  • Analysis of the status quo
  • Identification of pain points
  • Identifying possible levers
  • Understanding the existing processes
  • Identification of quick wins
Quick Check Part 1.
Quick Check Part 2.
  • Definition of the project objective
  • Agreement on the scope of the project
  • Identification of the most important stakeholders
  • Draft project roadmap
  • Development of a project plan
Quick Check Part 2.
Report and Review Workshop
Project planning.
  • Development of an implementation plan
  • Identification of the required interfaces
  • Implementation of pilot tests and evaluation
  • Adaptation of the implementation
  • Roll-out in several waves
  • Analysis, evaluation and reporting
  • Continuous improvement and regular validation
Project planning.

Project phases.

Take Away.

The Quick Check consists of a detailed status quo analysis and several interviews.

Quick wins are identified promptly and implemented quickly

The three-phase strategy in detail.

Analysis and Quick Wins

  • Analyse the status quo and resources
  • Understanding the needs and identifying the pain points
  • Recognition of capability bottlenecks
  • Conducting a stakeholder analysis and incorporating the requirements
  • Creating a data analysis
  • Identifying quick wins and imitating their implementation
  • Design of process options, tools and prototypes for testing for potential impact

Piloting and evaluation

  • Definition of the scope of the piloting and preparation of a piloting plan
  • Start of pilot implementation, evaluation and validation
  • Summary of the results in an assessment workshop
Strategy development


  • Preparation of a workshop for official roll-out incl. evaluation of implementation
  • Define the scope and create a roll-out plan
  • Phased implementation based on roll-out plan
  • Evaluation and updates
  • Continuous improvement
Diagnostics and process development

Planning and development

  • Refine project definition and goal
  • Development of a project plan and inclusion of a project road map with milestones, work packages and timelines
  • Building modern data platforms and creating process designs with an agile approach

Implementation plan

  • Preparation of an implementation workshop
  • Definition of the scope of the implementation and development of an implementation plan
  • Implementation with continuous risk monitoring and necessary adjustments
  • Analysis based on defined KPIs and optimisation before initial roll-out

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