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Management consulting with Entourage.

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The QuickCheck.

From consulting to quick wins to implementation with Entourage's QuickCheck.

The hybrid model.

With our hybrid model, we support you from strategy to implementation and beyond.

Management Consulting. The process.

QuickCheck preparation.
  • Query information and data
  • Deep dive into the data
  • Organisation of the kick-off
  • Preparation of the QuickCheck
QuickCheck preparation.
QuickCheck Part 1.
  • Analysis of the status quo
  • Identification of pain points
  • Identifying possible levers
  • Understanding the existing processes
  • Identification of quick wins
QuickCheck Part 1.
QuickCheck Part 2.
  • Definition of the project objective
  • Agreement on the scope of the project
  • Identification of the most important stakeholders
  • Draft project roadmap
  • Development of a project plan
QuickCheck Part 2.
Project planning.
  • Development of an implementation plan
  • Identification of the required interfaces
  • Implementation of pilot tests and evaluation
  • Adaptation of the implementation
  • Roll-out in several waves
  • Analysis, evaluation and reporting
  • Continuous improvement and regular validation
Project planning.

Take Away

A common goal also needs a common team.

Client and entourage pull together as a team for the success of the project.

Client and entourage form a cross-functional unit and are responsible for all work packages and tasks.

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