Projektberatung mit Entourage

Managers. ​

We provide. Permanent employees. We realize. Projects. We solve. Consulting scenarios. Specialized. On Life Sciences. On Pharma. On MedTec. On LabMed. We find. Academics. Scientists. Engineers. Engineers. Pharmacists. Chemists. Biologists. Physicians. In Operations. In Research & Development. In Regulatory Affairs. In Quality. In DACH.​


We look for the right candidate. For your vacancy. Both professionally. Interpersonally. In Pharma. In MedTech. In LabMed. We are on a candidate market. Professionals are rare and highly sought-after. We find the person who fits perfectly. To your company. And your culture.

Project Consulting.

Our Project Consultants are specialists. In solving operational tasks. Within a given timeframe. With a hands-on mentality. We only hire highly qualified specialists. With many years of experience. And deep technical expertise. We offer three types of project consulting. Depending on the client’s needs. For prompt coverage of resource bottlenecks. For production peaks. For authority audits. When introducing a new Q system.

Task Force.

We offer Project Consulting. Through our Task Force. Life Science industry experts with 20+ years experience. We offer. Scientists. Engineers. For Pharma. For MedTec. For LabMed. We combine. Strategic expertise. With hands-on implementation. We connect. State of the Art concepts. With efficient implementation. Through Management Consultants. Through Project Consultants. In teams. Interdisciplinary.