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Is your company TISAX ready?

Is your company TISAX-ready? In the automotive industry, highly sensitive data is exchanged between manufacturers, suppliers and service providers during product development. To make this data secure, the automotive industry has created the Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange. TISAX is the uniform standard for information security, based on the international standard ISO/IEC 27001.

Why you need TISAX.

OEMs already often require a valid TISAX label as a condition for cooperation. TISAX combines industry and customer standards. This creates the greatest possible transparency and security. In addition, TISAX reduces costs, effort and complexity for you as a service provider or supplier.

How we make you TISAX-ready.

Our “Quick Check TISAX” offers companies an analysis in which all weak points are identified and eliminated. The TISAX Quick Check determines the status quo on the basis of the TISAX requirements catalog. The gaps and weak points are eliminated in cooperation with the customer and thus a successful certification is prepared.

Our “TISAX Quick Check” consulting portfolio.

  • We want to find a pragmatic and suitable solution for each client’s organization
  • Inventory and gap analysis
  • Planning and implementation scenarios

Procedure. TISAX Quick Check.



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Your Team for TISAX.

Dr. Igor Tchoudovski.
Head of Digital and Analytics.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Diagnostics

Merlin Idris.
Management Consultant.

  • Project Management
  • Digitalization Expert

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