Advisory Board Member Günther Schönrich. About rising infection numbers in autumn.

Munich, October 14, 2020.

The leading virologist and Entourage advisory board Prof. Dr. Günther Schönrich gives his assessment of the increasing COVID-19 infection numbers in Germany and Europe in autumn.

In an interview with Deutsche Welle, the leading virologist and entourage advisory board member Prof. Dr. Günther Schönrich comments on the current infection situation in Germany.
In order to prevent a lockdown, as in spring, people must continue to adhere to the AHA+L+A rules of the German government: Keep your distance, observe hygiene, wear a mask for everyday use, ventilate regularly and use the Corona Warning App.
According to Prof. Schönrich, there is not the “comfortable” situation of having only a few hotspots of infection compared to March. Instead, the virus has spread across the entire country and there are therefore a large number of hotspots that are difficult to keep under control. A rapid increase in the number of infections is therefore possible at any time. From his point of view, one can still travel, as long as one obeys the rules. In addition, he contradicts the thesis that the rising infection numbers are due to the expansion of the tests. The percentage of positively tested persons is also increasing, which can clearly be attributed to an increasing number of infected persons.
Although corona rapid tests are not as sensitive as conventional tests, Prof. Schönrich sees them as a way of testing for the virus within 15 minutes, for example, in old people’s homes, nursing homes or schools, and thus possibly preventing further outbreaks.
In his view, it is difficult to give a forecast for the coming month. If the population adheres strictly to the rules of distance and hygiene, there is a chance that we will be able to maintain the lead we have gained so far and that intensive care units will not become overcrowded again, as is the case in many a neighbouring country.

Short Profile Prof. Dr. Günther Schönrich.

Prof. Dr. med. Günther Schönrich studied Medicine and Philosophy at Albert Ludwig University in Freiburg and graduated in 1985 with a PhD in Medicine, majoring in Cardiology. He completed his post-doc at the Institute of Immunology and Genetics, German Cancer Research Centre in Heidelberg. Mr Schönrich has in-depth expertise in the field of microbiology, virology, infection epidemiology and virus immunology. Since 2006, Mr Schönrich has been Deputy Director of the Institute for Virology (CCM) at the the Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

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